DYLAN LEOPOLD work about contact

"I dream what I paint, then I paint my dreams." - Van Gogh

Because I often have very strange and violent dreams, I am interested in not only learning about the subconscious mind and the way it works, but also making the thoughts in my head into something more tangible and real, in order to try to understand them better. Freud says that dreams are 'collages of images and memories that our subconscious has collected throughout the years', which is why I first begin by creating a preliminary collage on the computer that I then paint from. The process of doing this allows me to work through my dreams on a deeper level, making these paintings extremely personal to me.

At the same time, however, I also want the viewer to be just as involved with the painting as I am. I include all the necessary components, but I leave the narrative open-ended enough so that they can interpret it in their own way. My goal is not to tell the viewer what to believe, but instead, engage them into using their own imaginations to fill-in the blanks.